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捕鱼能上下分24小时兑现:Top ten dormitories ! The 412 dormitory on the 6th floor of Dongfeng won the first place in the top ten dormitory selection of Renmin University of China in 2023

Dongfeng sixth floor 412 dormitory

A unique and lively collective

From the southeast and northwest of the motherland.

Gathered in Mingli College

In the school 's top ten dormitory exhibition in 2023, it won the first place.

Get the title of "Ten Best Dormitories"

The respective flashes illuminate each other

Wu Bingqian, the best dormitory chief. The youngest girl of us manages the dormitory in an orderly way. Her life credo is "people need at least five hugs a day to live happily". She is also the "soul catcher" of the dormitory, eager to listen to troubles and encourage everyone with the energy of a small sun. As the vice minister of the counseling department of the peer psychology center, she is also committed to psychological counseling related work outside the dormitory, and provides help to students who need help.

Liu Yuxin, the most reliable sister, warm and careful she has an omnipotent treasure chest, we need everything. She is a "table tennis master", who won the women 's doubles title with her roommate Lei Yuanyuan in physical education class. She is a "ddl killer", and as a strict j-person, Excel and schedules fill her life. She is the "push queen", actively urging everyone to learn, healthy work and rest, to help us become better ourselves.

Lu Yongjia, self-disciplined person. She is always the first to get up, open her eyes to enter the learning state, with knowledge to wake up a new day. She is constantly exploring new possibilities, mathematical modeling, KPMG, the sea of business, she makes a line of love a line. As a time management guru, her day seems to have 48 hours. In the morning, I listened to lectures in the off-campus forum, in the afternoon, I played in the English debate field, and in the evening, I focused on self-study in Lide. Efficient problem solving is her rule of doing things. She shone on the aerobics stage, followed the tourists to the top of the mountain, and devoted herself to living wonderfully every day.

Min Xiaotian, a socialite. We call her the big e person who "smashes the window of others with stones", but she never howls into your world, but like a trickle, she cares about others' feelings in the most gentle way. She loves life, likes to explore, footprints throughout the north and south. She reads thousands of books and travels thousands of miles. She personally feels the vastness of China and writes practice on the land of the motherland.

Wu Zhangyuzhi, great artist. From singing to musical instruments, from text to photography, her enthusiasm is burning everywhere. She attaches great importance to the sense of life ritual, decorate the dormitory with flowers and paintings, and heal the troubles with music and art. She uses the camera to frame beautifully and insists on being a recorder of life. She is a kind of understanding listener, is a bloody guide, always have sincere comfort, heart-felt advice.

Lei Yuanyuan, a man of great vigor, she is a born musician, is an uninhibited composer. Sister Lei has great energy. She writes emotions into songs, rubs them into tears, and turns them into smiles. Wherever she is, there are laughter and laughter. Whether ktv or restaurant, teaching lawn or park lawn, there are places where the group is built, there is her active figure. On the playground night run, aerobics exercises, and roommates, sweat court, sports let her feel the vitality of youth.

The sea of learning travels together

In the freshman year, Wu Zhangyuzhi, Liu Yuxin, Min Xiaotian and Lu Yongjia were awarded the honorary title of " three good students, " and Liu Yuxin, Min Xiaotian and Lu Yongjia were awarded excellent scholarships.

We actively participate in academic competitions. Min Xiaotian and Lu Yongjia won the first and second prizes in Beijing respectively. The freshman seminar project of Liu Yuxin, Wu Bingqian and Min Xiaotian was rated as an excellent work of innovative practice. Liu Yuxin and Lu Yongjia participated in the college students ' entrepreneurship training program and won the first place. Lu Yongjia won the third prize in the National College English Contest.

In our spare time, we set up an early morning club to supervise each other 's learning. Before the exam, the group is always sharing resources and answering questions. We are constantly improving in our studies and growing together.

Warm companionship is not absent

Meet at the end of the summer of 2022, from the north to the south, we move from strange to familiar. Walk together side by side on campus, together to the score class. Explore the beauty of life together, face the challenges of life together. Birthday coincides with the exam week, a busy day to open the dormitory door, waiting for gifts and surprises ; aerobics competition ended, the end of the show out of the spotlight, waiting for flowers and hugs ; in the face of academic pressure, dragging the tired body back to the dormitory, waiting for understanding and relief. Someone always takes care of the sick, and someone always listens to the applause.

In the winter of 2022, we returned home one after another under the epidemic situation. Several people in the suitcase grabbed and took the farewell road one after another. With the advent of the new year of 2023, we are in six places, working together in the cloud to cross the new year and march into the new year of 412. Spring flowers bloom, we went to the Spring Song Festival, opening a new semester ; in the summer, we opened the business of selling flowers in 520 to earn the first barrel of gold in life ; jinqiu September, another year of the Mid-Autumn Festival, we are still around, I hope people for a long time.

Create a good environment together

In terms of hygiene, we attach importance to the cleanliness of the dormitory, often decorate the table with flowers, and decorate the windowsill with green plants ; establish a duty schedule, regularly clean up on weekends, and open up a large square in a limited Dongfeng dormitory. In the freshman year, we won four school-level and three college-level excellences in health inspection.

In terms of safety, we strictly abide by the rules and regulations, do not use illegal electrical appliances, do not pile up clutter in the corridor, and close the lights when leaving.

We actively implement the 412 cultural construction

We inherit the red spirit, respond to the motto of ' seeking truth from facts ', and name the dormitory door as ' Shi' ; all the freshmen have become party activists, and one has passed the school party school. We actively participate in sports activities, meet night running, play ball, participate in sports meetings, gain health and friendship in exercise. We travel together, visit the old campus of the People 's University, visit the museum, explore Beijing 's minority attractions, and feel the charm of the central axis culture. We regularly hold dormitory viewing activities to exchange ideas.

We practice our skills in student work

Lu Yongjia served as a two-year class learning committee member and is currently the vice president of the English Debate Association ; wu Zhangyuzhi is currently the middle voice minister of the second female group of the school choir. She has participated in and coordinated the special performances of the art troupe for many times, and has won the honorary title of excellent sports backbone scholarship and excellent student cadre. Liu Yuxin is currently the first person in charge of the new media operation department of the Media Propaganda Center of the Statistics Institute. He has been awarded the backbone scholarship of social work and volunteer service and the honorary title of outstanding student cadre. Min Xiaotian served as the monitor for two years, the director of the alumni service department of the Youth Volunteers Association and the deputy minister of the academic consulting project department of the Academic Development Association. He has won the honorary title of outstanding student backbone scholarship and outstanding student cadre. Lei Yuanyuan is the secretary of the class group, the first person in charge of the multimedia technology department of the media publicity center of the statistics college, and has won the honorary title of outstanding class cadre scholarship and outstanding student cadre. Wu Bingqian is currently the Vice Minister of the Consulting Department of the Peer Psychology Center.

We shape character in volunteer service and social practice

In the first year of college, we participated in many volunteer activities inside and outside the school, such as visiting the home of stray animals, undergraduate enrollment volunteer activities in the 2022-2023 academic year, the World Red Cross Day theme publicity activities, and the art town in the fall semester of 2023. The total number of volunteer hours of the six people reached 324.5 hours. Liu Yuxin and Wu Zhangyu are currently carrying out online volunteer activities. We often reprint volunteer recruitment information in the group, contribute our own strength to volunteer activities, and transmit the positive energy of the society.

During the epidemic period, Min Xiaotian responded to the call of schools and colleges, actively participated in the mutual assistance activities of the students in the college, gave full play to the spirit of volunteers, and won the recognition of the college.

During the summer vacation, Wu Bingqian and Lu Yongjia 's " One Thousand People, One Hundred Villages " project won an excellent conclusion. They went deep into rural research, felt rural changes, and demonstrated the social responsibility of people 's college students. Lei Yuanyuan participated in the work of the enrollment group in Gansu Province, answered questions for the candidates, tried to attract more excellent students, and obtained the excellent conclusion of " the senior came. " Min Xiaotian participated in the social research and academic innovation plan of " big country frontier " of Renmin University of China, measured the land of the motherland with his feet, and felt the great practice of Chinese modernization.

Wish you years and thanks, and long friends. Time flies, a year quietly passed, two thousand words to write more than four hundred days of the story. Starting from the Mingli College, and reuniting at the School of Statistics, the 412 dormitory on the sixth floor of Dongfeng will write daily new stories in the next year and year.